Sunday, 3 June 2012

Ribbon Flowers Choker

Materials Needed
1) 45 cm red satin ribbon 7 cm wide
2) 20 cm red organza ribbon 7 cm wide
3) 1 sequin and 1 pink bead
4) Safety pin

Step 1
Cut a 20 cm strip of satin ribbon 6.5 cm wide and 50 cm strip 5 mm wide. Use the remaining satin ribbon to cut out two circles, one 2 cm in diameter and the other 1.5cm in diameter.

Step 2
Put the wide satin ribbon and organza ribbon on top of each other, matching one edge, and sew together.

Step 3
Place the 1.5 cm satin circle, sequin and bead on top and sew them together. Stick the other satin disc to the back of the folded narrow strip of satin using glue. Sew a safety pin on.

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