Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Satin Beads Necklace

Materials Needed
1m (40”) Satin Ribbon 1 cm (1/2”) wide in dark blue, light blue, green, dark green and purple
1m (40”) satin ribbon 5 mm (1/4”) wide in purple
Wooden Skewer
Hot glue or fabric glue
Needle and pins
DMC stranded cotton in blue, green and purple

Step 1
Step 2

Step 1
Make each bead by starting from the two cut ends of the ribbon. Apply a little glue to the ribbon on the first loop to fasten.

Step 2
Wrap the rest of your ribbon tightly around the skewer and pin the ribbon. Cut a 10 cm (4”) length of the cotton string, wrap it around the bead and tie a very tight double knot. Remove the pins and slide the bead off the skewer.

Step 3

Make up around 20 beads in this way, using contrasting blue and green for your ribbons and the DMC stranded cotton. Using a chenille needle, thread the beads on to the 5mm (1/4”) purple satin ribbon.

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