Tuesday, 1 May 2012

How to Make Fish Felt Glasses Case


9” x 12” pink felt, for case
1 ½” x 2” orange felt, for fish
1” x 1” white and black felt, for fish eyes
Red embroidery floss
¼” diameter button
Stitches used
Double running stitch,
Blanket stitch, Straight Stitch,


1. Cut the Felt and Design Pieces             

Cut out two 3” x 4” pieces out of the corners of the pink felt (for the case) as shown in the drawing. Then cut out the fish design felt piece and the eyes with fabric scissors.

2. Arrange the Fish Design

Arrange the fish design on the pink felt as indicated in the drawing below. Place the fish eye on fish design. Temporarily glue the pieces in place with a glue stick. As you finished the pattern stitches for the design during this step, tie off all the knots on the wrong side of the felt. Stitch around the fish 1/8” from the edge using double running. Sew some stripes on the fish using double running stitch.

3. Sew Case

With the fish design facing down, fold the pink felt on the folding lines demonstrated in the drawing, tucking the right side under the left to create a top fold piece. With the fold up, fold and pin the overlapped felt in place. Beginning from bottom left corner, tie a knot on the on the inner part of the sandwiched felt with 3-ply red floss. Sew a blanket stitch across the bottom of all 3 layers. Use a straight stitch to sew up the seam on the right side through only two layers of the felt, then to the left along the top opening, around the single-layer fold, and back to the opening on the right before tying off a knot on the inside.

4. Sew Button and Cut Button hole

Sew the button onto the center front of the case, 1 ½” below the opening. Flip the fold over the button and mark a ¼” horizontal slit for the buttonhole. Make sure that the button matches up with the slit before cutting the felt. Remember not to cut the slit too long otherwise it will be too loose. The hole should be 1/8” smaller than the button diameter.

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