Friday, 27 April 2012

How To Make Belt Using Fabric

Have you been wearing the same old belt and hardly can find any special belt that compliments your outfits? One of the ways to be special is to make your own belt that no second person in this world have. A patterned fabric belt can brighten up any outfits and it is easy to make and wear. The length of the belt comes from the width of the fabric you choose and 56" wide fabric should be long enough for most belts. You can use silk brocade, linen, cotton or even ribbons to make belts. Most belts work well with woven fabrics. Try not to use knits and thick fabrics.

Materials and Equipment
4” x 56” piece of fabric
1” x 54” fabric stiffener
Slide buckle
Matching thread
Sewing needle
Iron and ironing board

Step 1
Place the fabric on your work surface with the wrong side facing up. Lay the fabric stiffener on top of the fabric. Match the fabric’s long edge with the stiffener’s long edge. Place the fabric stiffener in the centre and leave 1” of fabric at both ends of the belt. Pin the fabric stiffener and sew the fabric with big stitches.

Step 2
Fold the two long sides inward so that they meet in the centre. Press flat. Fold one end of fabric in so that it covers the stiffener end. Press flat again. Now fold the belt into half along the long edge and press it flat.

Step 3
Sew the long side of the belt with fell stitch and the folded end as well. Fold the other end under and stitch in place.

Step 4
Slip one end through the centre of the belt buckle. Pull about 2” of the belt through the buckle. Then fold back the end of the belt. Pin it to the back of the belt and sew in place with a stitch.

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