Saturday, 21 April 2012

Equipment for ribbon work

All you need for basic ribbon work is just a sewing kit of needles, thread and scissors. However, some of the more complicated projects require more specialised items, which are available from craft suppliers.

Equipment for ribbon work

Tailor’s Pin

Tailor’s pin has many uses in ribbon work. You can find them in any crafting or dressmaking supplier store.

Sewing Thread

Sewing thread comes in many different colours but in order to make a good ribbon work, you should always find a colour that matches the ribbon you are using.


Although you can always use a needle to work on your project, a glue gun would be handy for tricky areas and they are easy to use. They can put on glue with speed and accuracy. However, they are not suitable for children because their tips become very hot when turned on. Non-toxic white craft glue is more suitable for children and it is ideal for sticking large areas.


Use different pair of scissors for different functions. Smaller, sharp fabric scissors for cutting ribbons and trimming threads, larger scissors for cutting fabric and the third pair for cutting papers only.

Floral wire

Floral wires are used to make the stem of ribbon flowers. They are usually thick and straight.

Florist tape

Florist tape is green in colour and it is flexible and stretchy. We use it to conceal the floral wire and tie the wire to the fresh flowers stems.

Wire cutters

Wire cutter is needed for cutting florist’s wires used in the ribbon work. You may also use pliers to cut the wires and shape them.

Measuring Tape

The measuring tape is useful for measuring the length of ribbons and progress of our ribbon work such as necklace and bracelets.

Weaving board

Weaving board is needed for weaving ribbons. They should be able to hold pins easily and should be heat resistant with fabric covers. An ironing board would be a good substitute for weaving board.

The above equipment will be used in our upcoming ribbon work project. So stay tune!

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