Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Spice up your scrap book with ribbons!

Have you ever wonder what can ribbons do to spice up your scrap book? Here, I will show you what can you do with strips of ribbonsRibbons are great embellishment for scrap booking because they are colorful and they come in many different designs. Below are some of our scrap book creations with the help of grosgrain ribbons.

Ribbons can be used to divide the scrap book into sections and with the help of two different shades of blue texture papers, it can brings out the colour contrast. Below is another example using the patterned brown polka dots ribbon to add more design to your scrap book.

Besides dividing the scrap book using ribbons, grosgrain ribbons can be used for lining the borders of the scrap book as well. A brown grosgrain ribbon was used in this example.

Grosgrain ribbons can also be used for part of the design of the scrap book. A brown grosgrain ribbon was used in this example to create a branch-like feel. By combining the green and brown grosgrain ribbon, it gives the scrap book a natural colour.

Beside the usual grosgrain ribbons, we can also use ric-rac ribbons to decorate the scrap book. Ric-rac ribbon has a wavy look that gives a more artistic feel to the scrap book.

Stay tune for more scrap booking ideas and designs.

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