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Types of ribbon for crafts

A ribbon is a long thin strip of coloured cloth used for tying and decorating. Ribbon can be plain or printed. There are many types of ribbon in the market, such as the satin ribbon, grosgrain ribbon, organza sheer ribbon, metallic ribbon, wired ribbon, velvet ribbon, Gingham ribbon, Raffia ribbon and silk ribbon. These ribbons come in vast range of colours for example the yellow ribbon, red ribbon, white ribbon, silver ribbon, orange ribbon and many more.

Satin Ribbon

Satin ribbon has a soft and glossy look that is made from closely weave polyester, a strong and durable synthetic fabric.Satin ribbon usually comes in two forms, single face or double faced. Single face satin ribbon has only one glossy face and matte on the other. However, double faced satin ribbon has glossy face on both sides.
Satin Ribbon

Grosgrain Ribbon

Grosgrain ribbon has a matte and dull appearance, topped with a rib appearance. Grosgrain ribbons are heavier, thicker and stiffer than satin ribbons. They are closely weave, using silk or nylon, into fine corded fabric which makes the ribbon strong. Grosgrain ribbon usually comes in printed designed which is popular in scrap booking.

Organza Ribbon

Organza ribbon, also known as sheer ribbon, has a sheer and translucent appearance. The ribbon is very light and rather stiff in texture. Also, Organza ribbons are usually made from silk or synthetic fibres and they are most suitable for wedding decorations and they go well with satin ribbons.
Grosgrain Ribbon

Metallic Ribbon

Metallic ribbon has a metallic and shiny appearance that glitters. The ribbon is woven using very fine threads of brass, copper or aluminium which gives a glamorous look. Metallic ribbon is very popular for occasions such as Christmas and Chinese New Year.

Wired Ribbon

Wired ribbon has a wire running along one edge of the ribbon and the wire is typically covered by the ribbon fabric. The wired ribbon can be easily shaped to its desired position due to its rigidness. The ribbon is able to stay in shape easily and hence they are used to make ribbon flowers.
Organza Ribbon

Velvet Ribbon

Velvet ribbon has a luxurious and elegant appearance. Traditional, they are woven from silk but nowadays velvet ribbons are also woven from nylon. A velvet ribbon is rather heavy and comes in many different colours.

Gingham Ribbon

Gingham ribbon is checked ribbon that comes in a few different colours usually white and another colour. Popular colours are yellow, red, orange, green and blue gingham ribbons. They are suitable for gift wrapping and decorations.

Raffia Ribbon

Metallic Ribbon
Raffia ribbons have a natural, organic and rustic appearance. Raffia is a natural fibre which comes from the leave of a specific palm tree. The leaves are torn into strips and dried to make into raffia ribbons. Raffia ribbon usually comes in cream colour and sometimes brown.

Silk Ribbon

Silk ribbons are made from silk and they are rather expensive compared to other materials. They are soft and smooth, hence the elegant appearance and feel. Silk ribbons can be plain or printed

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