Tuesday, 24 April 2012

More Scrap Booking Ideas

We have come out with a few ideas on scrap booking layouts and designs for those who are interested in scrap booking.

Design 1

This is a simple design with lace ribbon running along the edge of the photo. Paste some paper flowers overlapping the photo and include a meaningful word above the photo. Add some embellishment and draw a swirl beside the photo frame.

Design 1

Design 2

Use a tag for your scrap book. Paste the photo on the tag and paste the tag on your scrap book. You may use some ribbons to decorate or tie the tag. Write words on the tag and attach a big flower on the bottom left hand corner. Add some smaller flowers around the big flower and some around the top right hand corner.

Design 2

Design 3

Create a photo frame using a darker coloured paper and decorate it with white and pink flowers at two corners of the frame. Write some words on the right hand side of the scrap book and glue some buttons below the wordings.

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